Saturday, February 1, 2020

Organizational Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Organizational Behavior - Essay Example Before these theories one important concept to be understood is from the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and the Mclleland's need theory. These theories do set the steps for other theories, as organizations tend to fulfill their employee needs so as to prosper. Coming to the theories we have Douglas McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. This has been a quite a study as it focuses on the employee behavior and how to handle such type of employees. Theory X states that employees are lazy and dislike work. It said that it's a human psychology to dislike work and put less effort. It demanded that people be coerced to work and some do not work until they are threatened for punishment or so. The theory also suggested that as they are de-motivated to work, employees require close supervision and direction to complete the task involved otherwise there would be an organizational loss. It also emphasized on the fact that most people want to delineate authority and avoid responsibilities therefore they prefer to be directed and moreover have no or less self control. People lying in this category mostly feel un-secure and have little ambition to go beyond. On the other hand Theory Y states that work is natural activity. People inducted in this theory are said to have self-control and ability to self-direct. They want to have authority and ambition to go beyond. They put in their best to achieve a task involved. The flow of rewards makes them more committed to the organizational objectives. As stated they seek responsibility and want to create something that can fascinate or at least that can be well regarded within the organizational framework. This theory has helped managers to bring out the most from their employees and have made it possible to design ways of improving productivity. Fredrick Wilson Taylor Moving forth we have the Scientific Management Theory by F.W. Taylor which also tends to focus on employees. This theory made it possible for the employers to make betted use of their resources and achieve the organizational objectives in a better fashion. There are 4 pointers in this theory which are the core. The core elements of this theory are: 1. The development of a discipline for each constituent of a man's work to substitute the old 'rule-of-thumb' techniques. 2. The scientific development, selection and training of workers instead of giving them choice of selecting their own task which they think they can best do. 3. There should be a good relationship among the employees and the management in order to carry out the designed procedures. 4. The distribution of work between workers and the management in about equal allocation, such that each group takes authority of what it can better do instead of relying more on workers only. Taylor's observation of the motivations of workers has had a deep influence throughout the century. According to Taylor we all have to make choices and thus are rational and this belief led him to formulate payment systems that very much related the kind of effort he wanted with the level of reward offered. As a fact, there was strong criticism of this premise that treats humans like machines and presupposes that workers

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